Wuzzle Pizzard – Review of The Ivory Caribou

on July 1, 2016
The Ivory Caribou is a chilling tail because it takes its heroine, Anne, from the balmy climes of San Diego and throws her rather unceremoniously into the frigid arctic wilderness. Fortunately for Anne, and for us as readers, the adventure and romance of this story warms her in heart and body and us in spirit. This story is also a fascinating account of loss, transformation, redemption, and recovery. The plot is driven by two quests into the past, one to find the history of a mysterious lost relative, and the other to recover the unrecorded history of the First Nations people who live in the isolated Canadian community where these two story arcs intersect. In the telling of this story, the author demonstrates her extensive knowledge of the Inuit culture, the science and the practice of anthropology and archaeology used to study that culture, and the esoterica surrounding the rather unique circumstances Anne discovers from the life of her lost relative. I highly recommend this book to readers who love to learn about lives from different times and cultures while they are also entertained by a good story well told.