M. J. Joachim – Review of The Ivory Caribou

Book Review: The Ivory Caribou by Caroline McCullagh

by M. J. Joachim

In a world where archeological research esteems the invested interest in Eskimo culture, diverse, yet full of unexpected trials, tribulations, twists and turns, a world where healing cannot be denied, something loss must lend itself to, for without this healing, people might stagnate, wither and die unto themselves, readers are taken on an adventurous and all too intriguing journey, where knowledge is far beyond the literary, educated mindset of our modern life, tracing back centuries of silent understanding, thoughtful curiosity and mindful reflection.

The Ivory Caribou is a story of love – past, present and future. It is a story of longing, hope and recovery, beautifully written and exceptionally produced. Subtle messages tap the readers subconscious, reminding us to be more aware and considerate of others, for this is the eskimo culture readers become acquainted with, a culture that has a thing or two to teach the rest of us as we hurry on our way to whatever we have going on in our lives.

The Ivory Caribou is a love story too, a beautiful tale of how two people fall in love, minus the lust factor, and become one with each other on a level so deep it is almost contrary to what so many of us are exposed to when it comes to dating, courtship and love. Family is as vital to the relationship as the two people falling in love, because family bonds are strong and members care enough about each other to wish for the best, often going out of their way to help the two people falling in love, because love is beautiful and should be promoted through the laws of basic attraction, common decency and spiritual fruition.

I thoroughly enjoy reading The Ivory Caribou. It’s easy reading in a story with so much depth, one I think you might enjoy reading too.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Wishing you every success with your writing.

M. J.