Lynette M. Smith – Review of The Ivory Caribou

LynetteWhen the publisher provided me with an unsolicited review copy of this book two days ago, I expressed regret that I wouldn’t have time to read it for another couple of weeks. But then I decided to read the first few pages over lunch yesterday, and now I know what people mean when they say “I couldn’t put it down!” To the exclusion of all daily responsibilities, I kept reading and had finished 75% of the book by midnight last night. Today I eagerly finished the rest.

Why was it so engaging? It had many wonderful qualities: three well-developed, mature characters you could identify with; a love triangle; tastefully described intimate scenes; unusual yet plausible geographic settings (San Diego, Ottowa, Alsace Lorraine, and a modern-day Arctic tundra Inuit village); and drama (cultural contrasts, wartime adventures, and more). And to top it off, the book was educational too, providing fascinating insights into Inuit culture in Canada as well as what a rural French region of Europe was like during World War I.

The time I spent immersed in this book was WELL WORTH IT, and I will definitely recommend this book and author to my friends!

Lynette M. Smith, All My Best Copyediting

and Heartfelt Publishing