H. Byron Earhart – Review of the Ivory Caribou

5-starsCan a sixty-year old widow embark on adventure and fly to another country to uncover genealogical mysteries? Can she travel to northern Canada and enter into the life, language, and culture of the Inuits? Can she rediscover romance?

Follow Byron Earhart
Follow Byron Earhart

To find the answers to all these questions, read Caroline McCullagh’s well written novel, Ivory Caribou.. Anne O’Malley, the heroine, is the feisty lady who mixes romance, genealogy, travel, detective work, and cultural exploration.
The characters in the story are interesting. The scenes–which shift from San Diego to Ottawa to an Inuit village in northern Quebec–are described with flair. The plot is clever, with many unexpected twists and turns.
I highly recommend this book.

H. Byron Earhart
Author of Religion in Japan (5th ed)
No Pizza in Heaven (novel in press)